New Zealand Wills Month - making a will made easy with Morris Legal

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September is New Zealand Wills Month. The purpose of Wills Month is to remind New Zealanders of the importance of having a will and updating it regularly. We are all, understandably, focussed on our family’s health and well-being in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, so many of us fail to plan for our families after we die. An estimated 50 per cent of New Zealanders do not have a will.

A will takes a burden off your friends and family and gives you peace of mind, knowing the people and causes that matter to you will be taken care of after you’ve gone. If you do not have a will, your assets may not pass to your family members or other individuals or charities in the way you want them to. A will also gives parents an invaluable opportunity to appoint a guardian for their children, who will help to make important decisions for them if the unexpected happens.

Morris Legal is focussed on reducing the percentage of New Zealanders who do not have a will by making the legal process as easy as possible. During the month of September, we are offering new clients to the firm a free, no obligation, 30 minute telephone or video consultation with a member of our advisory team to discuss your situation and wishes for your will. If you would like to arrange a call, please contact us here.

We will also be releasing a number of articles throughout September, answering questions you may have about wills and estate planning.

If you would like advice on your succession planning during lockdown, please contact us to arrange an online meeting. Our advisory team offers specialist trust and estate services to its clients, including drafting wills, preparing enduring powers of attorney and advising clients on how to protect their assets.