Morris presents at CCH conference on trust law for new practitioners

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On 24 August 2021, Bethan Read presented a CCH seminar on trust law for new practitioners. CCH Learning is a leading education provider to accountants, lawyers and business professionals.

Bethan and her co-presenter, Dr Maria Pozza from Gravity Lawyers, spoke about the fundamentals of trusts and how trusts can benefit many individuals. The presentation ran through how to decide if a trust is a suitable estate planning structure for an individual, issues to consider when setting up trusts, the steps involved in establishing a trust, the key decisions that need to be made and the responsibility of being a trustee.

If you would like to learn more about some of the issues Bethan covered at the seminar, we recommend the following articles that answer frequently asked questions by trustees:

What should trustees do to prepare for the Trusts Act 2019?

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What is the “vesting day” for my family trust?

This seminar was the first in a two-part series. On 16 September 2021, Bethan and Maria will deliver part two of the series, which will focus on how to set up a trust correctly as well as providing important guidance on how to transfer assets to trusts. To register for this seminar, click here.

For more information about establishing a trust, contact Morris.