Morris COVID-19 update

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Morris remains fully operational during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Since Morris was established, we have operated a paperless office and invested heavily in technology to ensure our team members and systems can work remotely. This has enabled us to seamlessly transition to working from home without disruption to our clients. We are well-placed to ensure that it is business-as-usual to the extent possible in the current climate. We are hosting all meetings by videoconference and remain available by phone and email.

We are aware that this uncertain time may raise concerns for you and your family. We published the following  articles during previous changes in alert levels, which may assist in the first instance with any issues you encounter over the coming weeks:

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How does shared care of our kids work during alert level three?

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Lockdown is back - what does it mean for me?

We will continue to publish articles on various issues you may encounter during the COVID-19 lockdown here.

As always, we are committed to supporting our clients throughout any lockdowns or changes to alert levels. If you have any specific questions or require urgent advice, please get in touch.